Face Masks

Disposable Respirators

N 95


The N95 healthcare respirators are designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer against certain airborne particles. As disposable particulate respirators, they are intended to reduce wearer exposure to certain airborne particles including those generated by electrocautery, laser surgery, and other powered medical instruments. As surgical
masks, they are designed to be fluid resistant to splash and spatter of blood and Other Infectious materials.

Disposable Respirators

KN 95


Filtering face-piece respirators (FFR), which are also called disposable respirators, are subject to various regulatory standards around the world (see examples below). Certain required physical properties and performance characteristics are specified in order for respirators to claim compliance with the particular standard. N95/KN95/FFP2 respirators are commonly recommended by health authorities during pandemic or emergency situations. They are not exactly the same, but respirators certified as meeting these standards can be
expected to function very similar to on another.

Disposable 3 Layers

Surgical Masks


With the dynamic and rapidly changing nature of health care today, concern for the protection of both patient and healthcare worker is paramount. Vitalife understands your need for high quality products that help reduce exposure of the patient and health care professional to potential infectious airborne particulate hazards.
● The highly effective filter in all surgical masks provides optimum protection to the patient during surgery, including the immediate surgical site.
● The good facial fit, low breathing resistance and hypoallergenic properties of all Health Care masks provide optimal comfort for the healthcare worker.

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