Companies from Our Group

Prism Life Sciences LTD

It’s strategically located in Mumbai, India’s commercial capital.

These locations allow us to enjoy some of the country’s competitive advantages, highly skilled labor in the pharmaceutical sector, a geographical location that allows us to be close to the port and airport, to ensure the speed of our deliveries.

Jaywin Remedies PVT

Jaywin Remedies PVT LTD is a pharmaceutical company that makes a difference. It’s located in the state of Gujarat and is a sister company to Prism. It has a strong presence in the Indian domestic market and even participates in contract production.

The Jaywin plant has an area of 15,000 square meters and is in a hygienic, standardized area and has GMP and WHO 9002 certifications.

The Trivandrum Scottish school

The Trivandrum Scottish School is located in the Indian state of Kerala. It’s an organization that imparts quality education to its students.

The school has an active participation in helping disadvantaged children and strongly believes that being trained is more important than just being literate.